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Wed Jan 17 13:07:00 CST 2018 Published by:Editor
With the increasingly fierce market competition, power differences between enterprises is no longer restricted to their respective physical capital -- trade secrets, as a type of intangible asset, are becoming a powerful weapon that enterprises shoul...
Thu Jan 04 15:26:00 CST 2018 Published by:Editor
The authors received recent interviews from two media outlets regarding bike-sharing and jewel sharing (please refer to “Why is it so Hard to Get Your Deposit Back from a Bike-sharing Company? Where Did it Go? Has it Become a Financing Firm?” at ht...
Mon Nov 20 09:59:00 CST 2017 Published by:Editor
Align Technology, Inc. (“Align”) makes INVISALIGN® braces. It uses digital scanning techniques to scan each patient’s teeth and uses those scans to create a treatment plan. The process uses digital models of the patient’s teeth at different pro...
Wed Dec 28 12:08:00 CST 2016 Published by:Editor
Abstract: Innovation depends on technological advancement, which in turn depends on protection by the patent law under the IP legal system. According to the Interpretations of Several Issues Concerning the Application of the Law in the Trial of Cases...
Mon Sep 19 17:22:00 CST 2016 Published by:Editor
Before Zhang Muye, also known as “Tian Xia Ba Chang”, filed a lawsuit over the film Chronicles of the Ghosty Tribe for infringing his rights to the integrity of the series The Ghouls, the concept of the protection of the integrity of artistic work ...
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